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Belkits Skoda Fabia S2000 EVO ¡¡Delayed!!

Published on August 27, 2013, in News.

EnglishThe Belkit’s crew have some news about Skoda Fabia kit release:


Important update: The Skoda kit has been delayed, and there’s not much we can do about it…

Reason: Skoda Motorsport contacted us last week with the demand that we send them 2 fully build kits, a tarmac Skoda and a gravel Skoda.

They want to see the final product, in al its glory, before they give us green light… However, we told them it is NOT such a good idea to send build modelkits to another country, I think most of you know what I mean… So Skoda agreed with our proposal to email them High-res detailled pictures of both kits. This means we are building 2 beautiful Skoda’s at the moment. The pictures send to Skoda will be uploaded on this page once the kits are finished. I’m sorry to say this but don’t expect the Skoda before October, if not, November… This was a very late decision made by Skoda Motorsport, and there’s nothing we can do about it…

May God, Allah and Buddha be with us!!!

Ooo, and before I forget, BEL005 is confirmed, as soon as I have approval of the artwork, you may all expect a cool update…


Belkits.be / Belkits.com



Los muchachos de Belkits tienen noticias nuevas sobre el lanzamiento del kit del Skoda Fabia. Según la nota que se puede ver mas arriba (en inglés), Skoda ha solicitado ver el producto final montado antes de dar luz verde al lanzamiento del mismo. Parece ser que ésto no estaba planeado por lo que el lanzamiento del producto se verá demorado hasta Octubre o Noviembre.

Así pues, toca esperar un poco mas.

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